Nucleosynthesis in Massive Stars
Nucleosynthesis Data Files

Presupernova Structure

Below we provide preliminary data sets. Note that part of this data is not yet published in refereed journals and thus may be updated without notice.
We would appreciate if you contact us before using the data on this site for your publications.

The Data

internal name presupernova structure data
s15.... 222 kByte
s19.... 162 kByte
s20.... 206 kByte
s21.... 173 kByte
s25.... 200 kByte
s30.... 194 kByte
s35.... 187 kByte
s40.... 134 kByte

Hydro / EOS data explanation

column data unit
grid cell number ---
cell outer total mass mass coordinate at the cell top interface g
cell outer radius radius coordinate at the cell top interface cm
cell outer velocity velocity of the cell top interface cm s-1
cell density average density of the cell g cm-3
cell temperature average temperature of the cell K
cell pressure average pressure of the cell dyn cm-2
cell specific energy average specific energy of the cell erg g-1
cell specific entropy average specific entropy of cell kB baryon-1
cell angular velocity average angular velocity of the cell rad s-1
cell A_bar average mean mass number of nuclei in the cell 1
cell Y_e average electrons per baryon in the cell 1
stability hydrodynamic stability of outer cell boundary ---

Network data explanation

APPROX: approximative 19 isotope network
QSE: Quasi Statitstical Equilibrium
isotopes treated in three NSE subgroups which are connected by "bottleneck" reactions
137 isotope network for weak rates
NSE: Nuclear Statistical Equilibrium
137 isotope network for weak rates

column network unit
neutrons neutrons neutrons (mass fraction)
H1 1H protons (mass fraction)
He3 3He --- (mass fraction)
He4 4He 1 < A < 6 (mass fraction)
C12 12C --- (mass fraction)
N14 14N --- (mass fraction)
O16 16O 16O (unburned yet) (mass fraction)
Ne20 20Ne --- (mass fraction)
Mg24 24Mg 22 < A < 29, excluding 28Si (mass fraction)
Si28 28Si 28Si (mass fraction)
S32 32S 28 < A < 36 (mass fraction)
Ar36 36Ar 35 < A < 40 (mass fraction)
Ca40 40Ca 39 < A < 44 (mass fraction)
Ti44 44Ti 43 < A < 48 (mass fraction)
Cr48 48Cr 47 < A < 52 (mass fraction)
Fe52 52Fe --- (mass fraction)
Fe54 54Fe (+56Fe) A approximately 2*Z+2, Iron Peak (mass fraction)
Ni56 56Ni A < 2*Z+2, Iron Peak (mass fraction)
Fe56 --- 56Fe only (mass fraction)
'Fe' --- A > 2*Z + 3, Iron Peak, excluding 56Fe (mass fraction)


Acknowledgements: This work has been supported by the NSF (AST-9731569, INT-9726315), NASA (NAG5-8128), the DOE (B347885, W-7405-ENG-48, W-7405-ENG-36), the DOE SciDAC Program (DE-FC02-01ER41176), the Swiss National Science Foundation (2124-055832.98, 2000-061822.00) and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (FLF-1065004).

Alexander Heger
Thursday, 26-Aug-2004 03:51:51 AEST