Project page for the STARFIT program and data.

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Online fit program


Data Files

Below we provide preliminary data sets. Note that part of this data is not yet published in refereed journals and thus may be updated without notice.
We would appreciate if you contact us before using the data on this site for your publications.

data files are currently available for

For the core collapse supernovae different initial mass cuts are available:

There is compilations for single stars and IMF integrals:

More data files will become available on this site in the future.
Please contact us if your require additional data files or output quantities.

Which files do I use?

Note that the starfit main program only accepts the *.el.y.* files at this time.
These are the smallest files.

All other data files can be loaded with the loadstardb routine of
They contain:

You can use the common blocks in to access the data. An example is in the routine get_stardb_data of file


The code below is provide as is. We do not give any warranty for correctness, implicitly or explicitly. The files may be updated at any time without notice.
This code is copyrighted and may not be distributed, in its original form or modified, without the permission of the authors.
Please contact us if you would like to use this code for your research or publications.

STARFIT code and auxilary data files it uses (solar abundace data) is available here

Please let us know if you encounter missing source code files that the program needs.
Please contact us if you want to use the program (output) for your publication.
The program makes quite nice abundace plots with error bars and fitted data.


At this time the only documentation available is what is in the code. There are comments behind each parameter for the starfit main program in The powerful tools of combining elements, dealing with weights, excluding/including elements, defining underproductions, selection of subsets of parameters using the FORMAT keyword, and plotting, may be slightly less obvious, though.
The data format for star data can be found at the top of procedure load_obs_data of file
Please let us know if you have questions.

Sample Stars

Some sample data files for the use with STARFIT

These are provided for demonstartion purpose only.
You may want to contact the observers themselves and consult the original literature.



Acknowledgements: This work has been supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (FLF-1065004), the NSF (AST-9731569, INT-9726315), NASA (NAG5-8128), the US DOE (B347885, W-7405-ENG-48), the US DOE SciDAC Program (DE-FC02-01ER41176, DE-SC0002300/FC02-09ER41618, DE-AC52-06NA25396), the University of Minnesota, the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, the Australian Research Council (FT120100363), and Monash University (Larkins Fellowship).

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