Zonal Edit Varlables

This chapter lists the currently defined zonal edit variables by type. Any of these variables can be edited in various ways by name (or list of names). The v, vf, and z commands are used to make terminal edits of these zonal edit variables. Periodic edits to the ASCII output file can be made automatically while the problem is running by using the zedit command, while edits on demand to the output file are made in various formats by the ved, vfed, and zed commands. In addition, X-Window and PostScript plots can be made of the current values of these variables using the mongo or mon commands.

Deprecated Since Version <15.0.0.

Color-coded “time map” of each variable’s space-time history can be made on Silicon Graphics workstation monitors using the timemap or tm commands.

They can be specified as a variable to be included in the post-processor dumps using the dump command or generator card (see Chapters XXX, respectively).

The list of zonal edit variables given here is easily extensible, as indicated in the sections on XXX-EDITCOM and miscellaneous edit variables below. In addition, KEPLER will automatically incorporate changes in the BURN and ISE isotope networks into the lists of isotopes and ISE- quantities that can be edited.