Changable (‘P’) Parameters

This chapter lists by functional grouping the changeable (“P”) parameters in KEPLER that may be edited changed before or during execution. Initial values for these parameters may be specified by p cards in the problem generator file or |BURN| generator file. If no explicit such specification is made, their values are initially set equal to the default values listed below. These parameters may also be edited or changed during program execution using the p command.

See also

p command

The mode of the parameters (fixed or floating point) follows the normal FORTRAN convention. The current values of the parameters are remembered in the restart dumps and more may readily be added. They are located in the general COMMON block in include file kepcom (starting with dtnew) and their ASCII names and types are listed respectively in the nameparm and iptype arrays loaded in data block kepdat. Newly added parameters are initialized in subroutine subroutine restart (see Chapter XXX).